Adult Dog Training Classes

These Adult Dog Training classes are for dogs aged 7 months and older. Each class is strictly limited to a maximum of 6 dogs per class, so each client and dog receive dedicated and individual training. By limiting our classes we are able to achieve much higher standards of training. Indoor and Outdoor training facilities teaching all breeds, ages and standards. Choose form Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level classes

Beginners Adult Classes

An introduction to dog training for those wanting to learn good basic control techniques including, loose lead walking, obedience control, off lead stationary obedience, recall training, come when called, self control, social manners and increasing co-operation with handler.

Intermediate Classes

Pre class requirements: Your dog must be able to walk on a loose lead, sit and stay 10 paces away from handler, demonstrate good social manners, have a satisfactory recall response. This course teaches off lead obedience, send aways, emergency stop response, chase recall (calling your dog back whilst in chase mode), distraction work.

Advanced Classes

Pre class requirements: Your dog must be able to demonstrate an emergency stop at 10m, demonstrate send away, reclaa from a thrown item. This course teaches high levels of self control, distraction training, recall from high distractons, distance obedience, emergency assistance training. 

Class Schedule