Arranging a Behavioural Consultation

Dogdayz understands how difficult it can be, when you need HELP with a dog problem. There are just 3 simple steps to resolving canine behavioural issues:

  1. Contact Howard directly at via telephone or e-mail

  2. Make an appointment & receive a case questionnaire​

  3. You will receive 2 Home consultations (approximately 2 hours per visit) & full written behavioural reports


Additional follow up support is provided as required. Many pet insurance policies         now cover behavioural training & recognise members of the CFBA. Any client with         appropriate pet insurance cover maybe able to reclaim these costs.  

Dog Behaviour Problems

Howard Jones is a full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association (A0065), the premier organisation setting the standards of canine education and training within the UK. 

Recommended by veterinary surgeons, Howard Jones assists clients with all Dog Behaviour problems. 

Behavioural Problems

Whatever problems you might be having, there is a solution. Aggression, Destructive Behaviour, Barking, Pulling, Anti Social towards dogs, Chewing, Jumping up at Visitors, Interpack Problems, Car Travel, Sound shyness, Fear of Fireworks, House Training, Guarding............and more..........After 25 years of working with dogs and many hundreds of cases on file, you will receive the highest level of support, training and advice with a tailored Behaviour Modification programme for you and your dog. 

Behaviour Problems might include........



Anti Social 

Social Behaviour



and more............