My dog has a behaviour issue, what do I do?

You can contact Dogdayz directly by telephone or email. We will discuss the issue with you and let you know how the process works. Generally once an appointment has been made you will receive a behavioural questionnaire, this gives us detail about you and your dog. A home visit is made assessing the behaviour, teaching and training with yourselves and explaining the training plan moving forward. You will receive a full written report, as there is a lot of detail to remember. A follow up appointment will be made and a further home visit carried out to assess progress. Howard is available for support between both home visits, seeing each problem through to a conclusion. 

Can I claim on my Pet Insurance?

Howard is full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association. This organisation is recognised many of the major pet insurance companies. Check your policy to see whether it covers behavioural training and follow their guidelines to reclaim any associated fees

What training methods do you use?

WIth a background in teaching and training assistance dogs, positive methods of training are utilised. With an accreditted academic background in canine behavioural training and learning, appropriate teaching and training strategies will be given to remedy any problem. Simple, easy to follow, guidance, explanation and training notes will be given.......I won't baffle you with science.

Do you come to the house?

Yes. The only cases where we require you and your dog to visit us at a training venue is if your dog displays aggression towards people visiting yourhome. 

When can Home visits be arranged?

Visits are made at a time to suit the client. 

Can I telephone for further advice if required?

Support is provided throughout and beyond the behavioural training process. Some behavioural issues will take longer than others and therefore advice will be provided as required by telephone or email. 

What area do you cover?

Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Welsh Borders

What age can I start puppy classes

You can start puppy classes from vaccination, usually between 10-12 weeks old. The earlier you begin classes the better.

Why are your class numbers small?

Dogdayz provides quality advice, training and service. This can only be delivered by keeping our classes to manageable numbers whilst delivering excellent service. See client's comments on our Facebook site or follow the link below. 

How many dogs in a class?

There are a maximum of 8 puppies per course, with a maximum of 6 Adult dogs per adult class.

What age can I begin Adult classses

We would recommend 6 months old onwards. Adult classes demand good levels of concentration, so from adolescence onwards 

What if my dog comes into season

We will do our very best to acomodate your dog on the next available course, but cannot be guaranteed. It is best to plan your training around seasons if your dog is not neutered.

Do you train any breed of dog?

No dog is every turned away from Dogdayz, regardless of breed, age, experience or ability. 

Can I bring family to classes?

Yes, you may bring guests to classes. They will be seated away from the training area within view, and may become involved in training activities.


Are your venues wheel chair friendly?

Yes we have venues accessible for wheel chairs. We teach people with varying degrees of disability on how to train their dogs.

Can my child teach the dog?

As long as your child is able to handle the dog satisfactorily, ofcourse children can do the teaching. Sometimes children are better than adults. Howard is qualified in working with children and young people and trained many assistance dogs with children. Parental supervision is required. 

I have additional needs, can I attend training classes?

Yes. Howard has trained assitance dogs with people with a range of additional needs including Autism, Aspergers, Deafness, hard of hearing, amputees, wheelchair users and additional disabilities. We would welcome discusing any individual needs. 


How do I book a course?

Visit our home page and download an application form. Complete the form and return to us, making payment using the details given. Your place will be confirmed once we've received a copy of the application form (electronic or post) and payment. You will receive a confirmation letter with guidance notes about the start of the course. 

Why is full payment required before the course?

Our courses are always over subscribed and booked well in advance. Prior payment ensures committment to the full course, however we do understand that chnages can happen very last minute. We will refund any payments upto 28 days prior to the start of the course if you need to cancel for any reason.

My dog doesn't like other dogs, but I would like to socialise him. Can he attend classes?

If your dog has issues with other dogs, please contact Howard to have an assesment made upon your dog before booking a course, so the best course can be provided for your dog.

What can I expect at a training class?

Training classes are very controlled environments. We limit our numbers so you receive sound, individual advice for you and your dog. Full instruction and support with your training is given. Training classes are progressive learning, so you will be required to practice exercises learned in preparation for the following weeks training. We will know if you've practicing.............................. becasue dog's can't lie!

Can I visit a class before booking?

Yes. We recommend you visit any training class before booking to be sure it is what you want for your dog. You can see any class at anytime you wish - our training classes speak for themselves.