Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Training classes are for dogs from vaccination onwards. A five week course will cover an introduction to simple obedience commands, communication with your puppy, lead walking, prevention of unwanted puppy behaviour, house training, recall, social manners, confidence building, health and care procedures, greeting people and other dogs. 

Classes are strictly limited in number and conducted in a quiet stress free environment. Our classes fill quickly so early booking is recommended. We welcome any viewings at our classes. Recommended by veteriunary surgeons, both you and your puppy will receive first class tuition.

Howard Jones Dip CABT Dip CABC

Howard Jones has worked for Guide Dogs for the Blind for over 28 years as a Dog Trainer, Guide Dog Instructor, Puppy Training Supervisor and is now the Senior Instructor for the Guide Dogs region and has worked with an estimated 2,500 dogs during this time. His expertise and knowledge on all things "DOG" are invaluable if you're wanting to learn how to give your puppy the best possible start. 

Building confidence, trust and social skills is essential during early life. These same skills which make the Guide Dog the worlds most respected assistance dogs, will be taght to you and your puppy at Dogdayz Dog Training. So whether its lead walking, play biting, recall, obedience, social manners or other puppy training issues, you can learn everything needed for the best start with your puppy at Dogdayz Puppy Training.

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